Custom Wholesale Mini Backpack​

Wholesale fashion mini backpacks you can finally custom made from here, with a large range of selections, different material, printing, and styles.

Buy mini backpack in bulk from BG bag, the custom made bag manufacturer in China, the price is affordable. Here list some styles for your reference to create and design your personalized mini backpack.

custom mini backpack wholesale

Mini canvas backpack wholesale

Custom mini canvas backpack wholesale, you can choose zipper closure or drawstring closure. Light-weight canvas for mini backpack ideal for kids and young ladies. Designed with soft padded shoulder straps, won’t bring much burden.

Custom Mini canvas backpack

Custom mini canvas backpack good for the necessities, what put inside? Snacks for kids in case they are hungry when going outside. A bottle of water, tissues, hand sanitizer. Custom pink mini backpack wholesale with personalized image printing, would be the favorite for girls.

Mini canvas backpack wholesale also a nice choice for kids under 5. Full fill with items needed when going to the kindergarten. Plus, you can custom made mini backpacks with unicorn style for boys, and princess in the cartoon for girls.

mini canvas backpack in bulk
custom Mini canvas backpack wholesale
Custom Mini canvas backpack bulk
Mini canvas backpack bulk

Custom bulk mini backpack for young ladies, do not forget to add some small pockets inside and outside. The small pockets with zippers keep their values stay safe. Canvas mini backpacks help them reduce redundant things, keep them light and free. But good enough to fill their lipsticks.

If you are the organizations that donate backpacks and school supplies will find abundant options here, take our quality mini canvas backpack to warm people.

custom canvas mini backpack wholesale
Mini canvas backpack wholesale

Clear mini backpack wholesale

Choose our cold-resistant transparent PVC mini backpack wholesale, you will surprise by how welcomed by children. The clear mini backpack is light-weight, the see-through feature allows children to know what inside and find out the thing easily.

Custom clear mini backpacks for toddlers wholesale with logo printed, little kids will bring your brand out.

Clear mini backpack wholesale
custom Clear mini backpack wholesale
custom Clear mini backpack bulk

Package for jelly and snacks sell together, can give your sale a bomb. Display on the shelf gives pass Byers a direct visual. Either kids or parents know what they buy, without the feeling of being cheated.

Transparent PVC is soft and printable, you can custom with a single color logo or full-color image. Buy mini backpack wholesale for your business promotional gift can attract more attention. If not enough, choose the glitter or holographic material, make the mini backpack more delicate.

Mini leather backpack wholesale

Custom fashion mini backpack wholesale, you can never miss the leather backpacks. No matter for lounge fly or for work, mini leather backpacks play an important role. Last for a lifetime with the correct care, the glossy surface looks elegant and high-level.

Mini leather backpack purse cute and tiny, as well as multi-function. Design with small pockets good for a piece of lipstick, earbud, keys, and wallet.

Mini leather backpack wholesale
Mini leather backpack wholesale in bulk
custom Mini leather backpack wholesale
custom Mini leather backpack bulk

Soft shoulder straps make the most comfortable and set hands-free.

Custom mini leather backpacks in bulk can be customizable for different colors. Blank black, white, pink, brown, etc. Choose the color to match the theme of this season, and bring much profit to your business.

What’s kind of mini backpack wholesale do you prefer? Send your design files and ideas. Our team will support you to provide your every perfect finished product. Keep in touch now!

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