Custom Sunglasses Bags Wholesale

Say goodbye to dust and scratches by custom sunglasses bags bulk. Custom eyeglasses pouch wholesale is necessary no matter you are dealing with the glasses market or custom sunglasses pouches for reselling.

When eyeglasses or sunglasses are not in use, they are easy to be broken or scratched if misplace, by using an eyeglasses bag, pouch or case can protect eyeglasses in the good shape without dust and damage. Also, help the eyewear in a good condition for a long time.

custom microfiber sunglasses pouch

If you are looking for sunglasses bag suppliers, then look no further. With a variety of materials and styles for your customized sunglasses pouches, we guarantee every perfect finished item.

Microfiber sunglass pouch wholesale

The most commonly used and essential is the microfiber sunglass pouch, custom microfiber sunglasses pouch is soft and delicate, protects dust, and can be used for cleaning the eyewear. Drawstring design prevents sunglasses drop off, the lightweight microfiber adds no burden to your traveling.

The soft sunglasses pouch is multi-functional, when people wearing the sunglasses, they can store their small items in the pouch-like mobile phone, or credit cards.

Buy wholesale microfiber pouches are very affordable, even a custom printing logo for your sunglasses brand, won’t break your budget, but provide the most economic way for advertising. Last for a long time and expand everywhere.

Microfiber sunglasses bags are washable, reusable, order in bulk, definitely bring much value to develop your business.

custom soft sunglass pouch
microfiber sunglass pouch wholesale
soft sunglass pouch
wholesale microfiber pouches

Sunglasses pouch leather wholesale

Leather material is often used for custom sunglasses pouches, it’s waterproof and anti-scratches. With the advantage of printable and customizable, there are lots of styles that can be custom made.

Leather eyeglass case with clip, zipper, and snapper to fix the sunglasses. Custom sunglasses pouch leather wholesale you can choose different colors, and animal-like shapes, dogs, cats, etc. Looks very cute and novelty.

A leather eyeglass case would be a great gift for kids, ladies, and your employees, custom in bulk at an affordable price.

custom leather eyeglass case with clip
leather eyeglass case with clip
leather eyeglass cases

Custom eyeglass cases wholesale

Custom eyeglass cases wholesale is ideal for tuck into pockets or suitcase, even there any heavy on the top of an eyeglass case, they still not out of shape.

The rich fabric on the surface, lightweight and pressure-resistant, large capacity suitable for any sunglasses and eyewear, smooth zipper protects glasses from dropping, the clip provides the convenience to hang on the backpack or handbag, as well as durable.

Custom sunglass cases bulk with personalized printing is available, screen printing with your brand logo, text, or name, remind your customers with your brand name whenever they open the eyeglass case.

custom eyeglass cases wholesale
custom sunglass cases bulk
custom sunglass cases
sunglass cases bulk

Custom felt eyeglass case wholesale

Custom felt eyeglass case wholesale is water, stain, and heat resistant, custom different colors to meet your clients’ requests. You can choose zipper opening or snapper opening, foldable felt case also unique and special.

custom felt eyeglass case
felt eyeglass case
felt eyeglass case wholesale

If your designed sunglass bags, pouches, or cases are different from above, do not worry about, send your designs, or ideas, let our team help you to turn your thought into life. Keep in touch now!

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