Custom Sleep Masks Wholesale

Custom sleep mask bulk with your own designs, select our rich fabric to provide the best eye masks or sleep masks work by blocking out light, be a game-changer help your customers say goodbye to trouble sleeping.

If you are looking for a reliable custom sleep mask supplier, then look no further. Here, you can customize your own sleep masks in bulk with different materials, colors, customized shapes, and personalized printing.

custom sleep masks wholesale

Sleep masks are made from many kinds of materials, the common material you can choose from are silk, cotton, polyester, satin, and foam for the part.

Custom silk sleep masks wholesale

If you want to custom luxury sleep masks in bulk, the best material is silk. Sleeping on a gorgeous silk eye mask is great for hair and skin, silk sleep mask is gentle enough for the delicate skin around the eyes, can help reduce friction and minimizes frizz, plus, anti-aging.

There is no doubt that every lady would love to buy. Silk sleep mask wholesale is great for reselling, but also the greatest gifts by custom sleep masks with your brand logo. Printed or embroidered, promotional or extra gifts together with your luxury products, leave a deep impression every night.

There are lots of colors are available, buy pink, white, and black sleep mask bulk for your clients to choose from.

custom silk sleep mask bulk
custom silk sleep mask wholesale
silk sleep mask wholesale
custom silk sleep masks

Custom cotton sleep masks wholesale

Cotton sleep masks bulk is the other commonly used material, which is soft and breathable. Compare with silk, custom cotton sleep masks are more affordable. Suitable for people who do not want to cost too much on a sleep mask, but they still can enjoy a goodnight with our cotton sleep mask.

cotton sleep masks wholesale
custom cotton sleep masks bulk
custom cotton sleep masks wholesale
custom cotton sleep masks

Custom polyester sleep masks wholesale

Polyester sleep masks are light weighted, help people relax and fall asleep easier. Plus, it won’t make much pressure on the eye skin, reduce stress and tension. In addition to that, polyester sleep masks are durable, can be used last years to come.

Make something special, you can custom eyelash sleep masks wholesale to make them look cute and novelty.

custom polyester sleep maskes bulk
custom polyester sleep maskes wholesale
custom polyester sleep maskes
polyester sleep maskes wholesale

3d sleep mask wholesale

Custom 3d sleep masks wholesale provide more room for the eyes to relax without any pressure, handy magic stick can be adjustable for the elastic band, the most convenient. Different colors meet your different clients’ favorites.

Used for a long time won’t out of shape, with the advantage of washable keep the sleep mask clean and tidy.

3d sleep masks wholesale
custom 3d sleep masks bulk
custom 3d sleep masks wholesale
custom 3d sleep masks

Custom sleep mask gifts

Custom sleep mask gifts make them more attractive not only multi-functional. Custom printed with logo, photos, or embroidery with quotes.

Here, you also have the option to custom sleep mask multipack, for party pack, family pack, and couple pack.

Custom with some cartoon styles or animal-like unicorn sleep masks also a good idea, velvet sleep masks for kids and toddles, not only bring them a good sleep but also keep warm.

What’s more, make as gifts, you can custom made pouches for storing sleep masks, keep them clean and tidy, easy to transport during the travel.

custom logo sleep mask
custom photo sleep mask
custom printed sleep mask
custom sleep mask gifts

If your designed sleep masks are not on the list, don’t worry, send your designs or ideas, our experienced team will help you to bring them to life. Keep in touch now!

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