Custom Pouch Bags Wholesale

Custom elegant and nice fabric pouch bags in bulk for the event decoration, promotional gift, and advertising. Cloth pouches wholesale are eco-friendly, durable, and reusable for your retail to package small items. 

Buy bulk from pouch bag manufacture means you have a wide range of options from cotton to canvas, leather to jute, plastic to velvet, and silk. Mini size or small size all can custom made as your request.

custom pouches wholesale

Choose BG bag as your pouch supplier we can offer printed pouches with your logo or company name, it’s a great way to build your brand.

Custom cotton canvas pouches wholesale

Cotton canvas fabric pouches are sturdy and eco-friendly, custom drawstring pouches wholesale is good for candy, sweet and some makeup at-hand. Choose the style of the drawstring, it’s easy to open and close, if add some decoration, will be attractive to kids. Custom imprinted bulk pouches can be an option for the Halloween candy bags.

canvas pouch wholesale
canvas pouches bulk
custom canvas pouches bulk
canvas pouch bulk
canvas pouches wholesale
custom canvas pouches wholesale

Custom pencil pouch wholesale

Cotton canvas with zipper is usually designed for custom pencil pouch, not very big but enough room for pencil and other tools. Custom printed with cartoon images or floral, beautiful personalized canvas pencil pouch or case is the great gifts for students. 

Even if you buy the blank canvas zipper pouch wholesale, also the favorite of workers and university students. Washable canvas pencil pouch not only to keep pens and pencils together but also easy to clean, It’s durable and stylish.

pencil pouch wholesale
Custom pencil pouch wholesale
Custom pencil pouch
Custom pencil pouches wholesale

Personalized leather pouches wholesale

Custom personalized leather pouches wholesale is good for packaging some value things, like glasses, earphones, mobile, or party favors. Small leather pouches can custom with an engraved logo, a different touch feeling. 

Custom leather pouches in bulk as the gift for your employees to celebrate the happy time after a year of a successful business. They can keep their cards, ID cards, or bank cards in order, protect these cards from scratches. 

You can also select the PU material instead of leather, which is animal-friendly and won’t break your budget if buy bulk pouches.

Custom pouches wholesale with the drawstring style or zipper all can protect the goods from dropping. Together with hook and loop can hang on your travel bags, custom personalized travel pouches for every businessman and traveler. With the advantage of waterproof never worries about used outside. What’s more, many designer leather coin pouches are produced by us.

custom leather pouches wholesale
custom leather pouch wholesale
personalized leather pouches wholesale

Jute pouch wholesale

Jute or burlap material is natural, eco-friendly, custom jute pouch bags in bulk excellent for spice packaging with the feature of breathable. Drawstring design with the double-knotted string can protect the spice perfect.

Custom tote jute pouches in bulk is a nice option for wine bottle, designer tote wine bags printed with logo are good for promotion, as well as easy to carry.

Buy burlap pouches wholesale is price-friendly, if you want to promote your brand at the conference, events, or as giveaway gifts, jute pouches are a nice solution. At the same time, you can deliver the concept of environment-friendly.

Jute pouch wholesale
custom jute bags
custom burlap bags
burlap pouch wholesale

Velvet pouch wholesale

Velvet pouch wholesale is the necessities of every jewelry store. The velvet pouch bags are elegant and simple, the softest packaging solutions for many occasions. Custom velvet pouch bulk for sunglasses, watches, and jewelry. Protect these items from scratches and dust.

Custom velvet pouches wholesale with hot stamp logo, it’s shining and eye-catching. BG bag will make every detail perfect to match the level of your products. Certainly, the velvet pouch is the best matching with a gift box.

In addition to that, custom velvet pouches wholesale is a good gift for a wedding, package small gift for every guest to memory a good time.

custom velvet pouch wholesale
velvet pouch wholesale
velvet pouches bulk
personalized velvet pouch wholesale

Organza pouch wholesale

Custom organza pouches wholesale provides a sophisticated alternative for packaging gifts, party favors, jewelry, candles, and wine. The feature of semi-transparent, allows people to see through what inside.

Custom organza pouch in bulk is lightweight, ship in flat to your retail store, won’t take much space, and shipping cost.

If you do want to keep it a surprise, alternative fabric satin/silk pouch wholesale, we can also cover. Start with one of our small favor pouches in bulk, give your clients a memorable packaging.

Organza pouch wholesale
Organza pouch bulk
custom Organza pouch wholesale
peronalized Organza pouch wholesale

Plastic pouch wholesale

Except for cloth pouches, there is a famous plastic pouch. Soft PVC material is made for the clear pouch, it can be see-through or holographic colors. Assembled with smooth zipper, often used as cosmetic bags and pencil bags.

Custom plastic pouch in bulk with a colorful image printed, durable, and waterproof. Custom imprinted screen or offset logo for the business events promotional gifts would be a nice selection. Every businessman will take it everywhere as the toiletry bag, in this way, more and more people will be familiar with your brand.

Buy clear plastic pouch in bulk won’t cost your too much, but also attractive small bags for kids with cartoon printing. Packaging for toys, sweets, candy, never hesitates to custom plastic pouches wholesale.

plastic pouch wholesale
custom plastic pouch wholesale
plastic pouch bulk
custom plastic pouch bulk

If you are ready for your custom pouch wholesale designs, keep in touch now! Our price department will calculate the excellent price for your project! 

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