Custom Kids Backpacks

Custom kids backpacks in bulk with the personalized design is a great business, kids will change their backpack every year as they grew older. Before school, they also need a cool or cute backpack once they see friends have.

Personalized backpacks for toddler boys or girls, which would be more like a toy than a functional backpack. You can design a personalized mini backpack or unicorn backpack.

custom kids backpack

Custom school backpack, many details should take into consideration. From material to detail designs.

Nylon and polyester are the most popular pack materials. Durable, soft, and washable. For school backpacks, heavier fabrics like canvas also make durable bags that children will be using last for years. Heavy-duty backpacks are generally made of ultra-strong nylon material and YKK-grade zippers and straps of nylon.

Custom personalized backpacks for toddlers

Why not design an anti-lost custom personalized backpacks for toddlers, mini size backpack with cute and cool designs, like animals, outer space. These personalized backpacks for toddlers not for filling with tools but help them get a nice pose when take pictures, it’s should be light enough. With the additional anti-lost strap, keep safety for kids.

Considering won’t use backpacks too much, you can also choose clear PVC material for the backpacks, they can show all items inside off.  Put some candy, chocolates, and jelly, it’s easy for kids to find out what they want.

Custom backpack for kids, the logo and picture usually choose embroidery, or sewing a cloth dolls, which is soft. If the child fell down, the backpack can protect him/her. What’s the most should avoid some small items, like metal tags, small hanging toys, all those do harm for kids.

clear backpack

Light weight and see through

custom kids backpack

Can add anti-lost strap

custom backpack

Smooth zipper easy to use

Custom Personalized Backpacks for Toddlers

Custom personalized backpacks for toddlers

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Custom backpack for kids in kindergarten

Custom kindergarten backpack size should be larger than toddlers’ backpack, from the design, not only for cute but also for functional. Outside with different zipper pouch easy for kids to get small items and water bottles, inside with different layers, suitable for a pencil case, file folder. If there enough roomy, for a jacket or coat is also a nice idea.

Except for that, custom a name label on the backpack is great.

Selecting the material is also important, environmental and non-toxic should be excellent.

Personalized backpacks for girls, bright colors like pink, orange, and red are welcome, printing or embroidery with some cats, rabbits, flowers.

Personalized backpacks for boys, the blue color is a nice selection. Dinosaur, unicorn, transformers are loved by boys.

custom backpacks for kids

Easy to use buckle

Custom backpack for kids in kindergarten

Reinforced straps


Breathable on the back

Custom kindergarten backpack

Waterproof material

Custom Backpack for Kids in Kindergarten

custom backpacks

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Custom school backpacks for kids wholesale

Custom school backpacks functional and durable more important than appearance. The interior includes a divider to keep the little one’s papers and worksheet folders organized while the outer pocket holds their smaller supplies.

There are pockets on the inside and a roomy pouch on the outside so students can keep all of her necessities well-organized. You’ll appreciate the buckle, which will keep some of the weight off of their back!

Custom your brand name or school name by screen printing, digital printing, embroidery, or add a metal tag.

smooth double side zipper

Wear-resisting double side zipper

portable soft handle

Soft portable handle

side pocket for bottle

Side pocket suitable for bottle

large capacity

Large capacity

Custom School Backpacks

custom backpacks for school

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