Custom Holographic Bags Wholesale​

Custom holographic bags wholesale by PVC material, with the advantage of soft, flexible, and easy to clean. Holographic material looks special and unique, colors reflect at different angles and lighting.

Light-weight to custom holographic tote bags wholesale, gift bags wholesale, fanny pack wholesale, duffle bags wholesale, and makeup bags wholesale.

custom holographic bags wholesale

Holographic tote bag wholesale

The classic tote bags with holographic effect bringing the basic tote bags to the next level. Bright color display at different angles. Large capacity enough for daily use and go shopping. It’s a normal tote but in a stylish color.

The double-sided design allowed ideal for screen printing, custom logo printed, and brand name display, good for promotional giveaway gift bags. 

Durable long-lasting handles can custom the length as your request, for a single shoulder, or carry it as you wish.

Holographic tote bag wholesale
custom Holographic tote bag
Holographic tote bag bulk
custom Holographic tote bag wholesale

Holographic fanny pack wholesale

Custom holographic fanny pack wholesale is a great replacement for wallets, purses, and mini backpack, to relax the shoulder and set hands free. Holographic PVC reflects the special and colorful effect, combine the functional and fashionable together.

Custom holographic fanny pack with zipper closure, one or two cases, which is easy to open and closed for privacy and safety. Adjustable waist strap suitable for everyone. And easy to reach the items inside.

The holographic fanny pack is light-weight, no matter for running or travel, won’t be much burden. Custom printed brand logo and company name are available here. Screen printing with solid color makes your logo obvious.

Buy holographic fanny pack wholesale for the promotional gift on the trade show or events also a great idea.

custom Holographic fanny pack wholesale
Holographic fanny pack bulk
custom Holographic fanny pack bulk

Holographic duffle bag wholesale

Custom holographic duffle bags wholesale with vibrant top handle and decorative clear link on the side of the front. Removable shoulder strap convenient for cross-body or single shoulder. The radiant bag is reinforced on the bottom and the handles.

Holographic duffle bags provide large capacity no matter for the trip or carry it to the beach are ideal. Custom embossed logo or pattern provide a special feel. Plus, you have the option to screen printing.

Custom holographic duffle bags in bulk with your company logo can be great gift bags to promote your business or brand. Exposure your company name as much as possible.

custom Holographic duffle bag wholesale
Holographic duffle bag wholesale

Holographic makeup bag wholesale

Custom holographic makeup bags wholesale, the small pouch with zip lock ideal for collecting cosmetics and small items.

Wholesale holographic cosmetic bags with the advantage of see-through, allow your customers to see clearly what inside, find the cosmetic they want without opening it. The smooth surface is waterproof and anti-crease.

Small size easy to carry and tuck into the suitcase or handbag, metal zipper match the holographic color, the most fashionable. Spot clean always keep tidy, rounded corn looks great. Keep lipstick, perfume, and powder organized.

Custom holographic cosmetic bags wholesale with screen logo ideal for a promotional giveaway, no matter to show your respective to existed customers or attract new clients, the holographic makeup bag would be eye-catching display on the side of your cosmetics.

custom wholesale holographic cosmetic bags
wholesale holographic cosmetic bags
holographic makeup bag bulk
Holographic makeup bag wholesale

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