Custom Drawstring Bags Bulk

Custom personalized printed drawstring bags with logo is the ideal ways to promote your company name and brand economically. Personalized drawstring bags bulk with a variety of uses, not only can be used as transport equipment and tools, but they can also make it as fashion shopping bags.

custom drawstring bags wholesale

Custom cinch bags bulk, you need find a reliable drawstring bag supplier, here is the right place. BG bag, the experienced drawstring bag manufacturer. Buy bulk from us, there is great news that you can choose from huge selections by different materials.

styles of drawstring bags

Styles of custom drawstring bags

Create your burlap/jute drawstring bag wholesale

The hemp, linen, jute or burlap are good material for drawstring bags wholesale. They are strong and durable, plus, with the advantage of environmentally friendly, the ideal material for groceries and heavy equipment. Especially for shopping bags, huge consumption shopping bags cannot sacrifice our environment. If you custom blank drawstring bags bulk with logo by jute material, you are delivering the concept of eco-friendly to your customers. 

details of jute drawstring bag

Custom jute drawstring bags with the feature of breathable, good for storage some vegetables, beans. If you are a food supplier, why not have a try to custom these cheap personalized drawstring bags in bulk? Won’t cost you too much, but help you build your brand and let your company name open.

You can custom burlap drawstring bags wholesale in different sizes and styles, from small to big size. We can also custom ink as pictures or ask us to send you drawstring bag design templates.

custom logo
custom drawstring bags bulk

Custom Jute Small Drawstring Bags Bulk

jute drawstring bags

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Custom cotton drawstring bags bulk

Whenever referring to the soft, durable, and easy to clean, you cannot miss the cotton drawstrings wholesale. Organic cotton bags are more sustainable than plastic bags, look nice by a custom printed logo or custom embroidered drawstring bags to make sure the color lasts for years.

cotton drawstring bag wholesale

Custom cotton drawstrings in bulk make a huge contribution to our environment, cotton bags are reusable and beautiful, also a great idea for gift bags. Custom drawstring gift bags for business promotion on event or trade show, leave a deep impression to your potential customers.

Design white cotton drawstring bags bulk, you have different styles for choose from, custom drawstring backpack, custom drawstring tote bag. With the feature of the soft, cotton drawstring is skin-friendly, no matter for shopping or go to the library, your customers will enjoy the function and fashion of cotton drawstring bags.

custom cotton drawstring bag

Perfect accessories

custom drawstring cotton bag wholesale

Custom label

Custom Cotton Drawstring Bags Wholesale

cotton drawstring bag bulk

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Custom clear plastic drawstring bags bulk

Clear plastic drawstring bags wholesale with logo are ideal for corporate promotion as it is cheap price, reusable, and can be see-through. Unique transparent and waterproof characters can be the eye-attraction items when people carry this clear vinyl drawstring bags on the road.

Custom plastic drawstring bags wholesale with logo printed are great for the cosmetic industry to package your makeup. Clear plastic strings bag also is a nice selection for candy and jelly, allow children to see through what’s goods inside and drive them to make the decision faster.

transparent drawstring bags

Transparent and see through

clear drawstring bags bulk

Cover for heavy items

Custom clear plastic bags with drawstring is waterproof and reusable means it is a nice selection for traveler take to everywhere, treat as toiletry bags or cosmetic bags. Plus, use them to package changed clothes would be a good idea. Transparent drawstring bag easy to wipe clean even treat as shoe bags.

With so many advantages, no matter what’s industrial you are in, do not hesitate to custom clear cinch bag with your logo in bulk, designed in small size or large bag, BG bag all can cover. 

clear backpack drawstring

Good for promotional gift bags

custom clear drawstring bag

Perfect details and durable

Custom Clear Drawstring Bags Bulk

custom clear backpack drawstring

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Custom canvas drawstring bags bulk

Canvas always a good suggestion for custom drawstring bags, these canvas drawstring very absorbent. Best for sports, jogging, and other outdoor activities.

You can choose custom canvas drawstring bags in bulk with blank or printed, designed as pink, black or floral. Selecting heavy-duty canvas drawstring bags for books, canvas laundry bag. Lightweight material design small drawstring pouch for groceries.

Canvas drawstring backpack wholesale with flap can be used for school bags, take to the library, gym, very durable, and easy to wash. 

Waxed canvas drawstring bags are waterproof and anti-weathering, it’s a nice selection for big white drawstring laundry bags.

Mini or small canvas drawstring bags in bulk printed with logo as the promotional gift is ideal to attract more attention, a cheap price won’t cost you too much, but let every potential customer remember your company name. They would love to package some small precious or gifts, you have an 80% chance to beat your competitors.

canvas drawstring bags wholesale

Much room for custom logo printing

custom canvas drawstring bags

Backpack design canvas drawstring bag

canvas drawstring bags bulk

Durable connection

custom canvas drawstring bags bulk

Easy to open and lock

Custom Canvas Drawstring Bags Bulk

Custom Canvas Drawstring Bags Bulk

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Custom polyester drawstring bags wholesale

Custom polyester bags wholesale like cinch bag, sack pack, or gym bags, with super-smooth feel surface and resistant to creasing. It’s a great idea to custom promotional polyester drawstring bags with a zippered pouch in front of it. There is a huge place for logo print.

Large size drawstring bags selected 210D polyester material, designed with metal grommets and reinforced corner. Wide straps applied, this drawstring bag is great for school, gym, beach, swim pool. You can store books, clothes, and necessities.

Custom small polyester drawstring bags with zipper in bulk great for corporate events, provides storage for keys, phone, wallet, and small items, very useful and convenient, it’s a good way to promote your brand widely.

100% polyester drawstring bags are safe to machine wash and dry, provide great convenience to users.

large capacity

Large capaciry

easy to lock

Easy to open and lock

nice details

Nice details

perfect connection

Great connection

custom polyester drawstring bags bulk

Multi-color for choose from

Custom Polyester Drawstring Bags Wholesale

polyester drawstring bags

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Custom Non-woven polypropylene drawstring bags

Non woven is an excellent material for custom drawstring bags, with the feature of soft, lightweight, waterproof, and degradable.

Soft non woven suitable for a drawstring bag, it can lock and protect your goods, you can design any size and shape. Lightweight drawstring backpacks are easy to carry and less pressure on the back. 

Non-woven polypropylene drawstring bags provide a large area for logo print by any options, screen printing, digital printing, thermal printing, or embroidery. It’s a great way to show off your corporate logo. Especially in a trade show, attendance prefers to take the promotional non-woven drawstring bags to home instead of your business cards, the drawstring bag is perfect to keep their instruments in.

Degradable and sustainable make non-woven bags are most welcome and eco-friendly, plus, cheap price makes it affordable for everyone. 

Custom Non-woven drawstring bags bulk wholesale
Custom Non-woven drawstring bags bulk
Custom Non-woven drawstring bags wholesale
Custom Non-woven drawstring bags

Custom Non Woven Drawstring Bags

Custom Non-woven polypropylene drawstring bags

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Custom nylon drawstring bag

Nylon also a nice selection for a customized drawstring bag, soft, strong, sturdy, wrinkle resistance, stretch resistance and shrink resistance, often waterproof. These nylon drawstring bags are great for traveling and commuting.

Known for its flexibility in manufacturing all sought of products from nylon drawstring backpacks to small nylon drawstring bags as wallets, nylon drawstring pouch to nylon drawstring tote bag. These bags are man-made using polymers as material. Relatively cost-effective, it comes in all forms and colors and quite suitable for less strenuous use.

Custom nylon bags with the drawstring to protect essentials to the gym, instruments to school. These nylon bags are easy-care, reusable, safe for washing machines, and dry them under the sun.

Custom nylon drawstring bags in bulk are budget-friendly, ideal for corporate logo printing as a promotional gift, this small nylon drawstring bag will let your brand open.

You can have the other style of a mesh drawstring bag, from small nylon mesh drawstring bags to heavy-duty nylon mesh drawstring backpack also popular to custom. Custom mesh drawstring bags in bulk you can get the wholesale price, won’t break your budget, but an excellent bag for a beach bag and gym bag.

Custom nylon drawstring bag wholesale

Large capacity

Custom nylon drawstring bag

Foldable to save space

Custom nylon drawstring bag bulk

Convenient for items

nylon drawstring bag wholesale

Simple and confortable

Custom Nylon Drawstring Bags Bulk

nylon drawstring bag bulk

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Custom velvet drawstring bags wholesale

Custom velvet drawstring bags wholesale are most useful for jewelry pouches, velvet is soft and available in different colors, gives the feeling of a luxury package. As well as, a velvet drawstring bag can protect jewelry the best and be loved by everyone. 

Custom velvet drawstring bags with logo printed or hot stamped, make it shining as jewelry, always outstanding and beautiful. 

People would love to custom the velvet drawstring bags for watches, glasses, wine bags, and some other luxury gift. Custom small drawstring pouch in bulk as a gift bag for wedding or parties, let remember the beautiful memory. Custom extra-large velvet drawstring bags to package gifts deliver the concept of they think being taken seriously.

Custom velvet drawstring bags for your business must be a simple but elegant way. 

You also have other selections like silk or satin, organza drawstring bags wholesale, custom made for Christmas gift bags in bulk, promotional brand, package for favor.

A variety of styles and function for velvet drawstring bags

Custom velvet drawstring bags
Custom velvet drawstring bags wholesale

Custom Velvet Drawstring Bags Wholesale

Custom Velvet Drawstring Bags Wholesale

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Custom drawstring bags leather / PU

Leather drawstring bag always the trendy style, stylish, and fashion. Leather material is super soft and looks luxurious than others. 


Custom drawstring leather backpack or cross-body drawstring bag in bulk will be the best sale for commuting for keys, phone, purse, and ID cards. A leather bag with a drawstring design is safe and convenient.

You can also choose PU material to lower the cost and animal-friendly, meet the request of demand for drawstring fashion bags without sacrificing animals.

BG bag with a vast selection of drawstring bags for you to choose from, no matter from drawstring giveaway at trade events, or flap drawstring backpack, drawstring totes, we all can cover.

Different effective of PU Material

custom PU drawstring bags wholesale bulk
custom PU drawstring bags bulk
custom PU drawstring bags bulk wholesale
custom leather drawstring bags
custom PU drawstring bags wholesale
custom leather drawstring bags bulk

Custom PU Drawstring Bags Bulk

custom PU drawstring bags (1)

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In general, why custom drawstring bags?

  • Custom drawstring backpacks give you hands-free convenience
  • High-quality custom cinch bags are durable, reusable, stylish
  • Personalized drawstring bags printed with your logo help to develop your business and build brand
  • Choose the drawstring bag material and style keep in touch with us now! Send your design file or request to

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