Custom Diaper Bags Wholesale

Custom diaper bags in bulk is a great selection for the grocery store, Babiesrus, gift shop, and bag brands. The diaper bag is the perfect spot to store everything need for baby when outside. That is to say, custom diaper bags wholesale for your shop or brand would be the never out of date item, with different stylish diaper bags that will increase sales and get more profit.

custom diaper bags wholesale

BG bag is the professional wholesale diaper bags manufacturer in China. Custom personalized diaper bags you should know what’s kind of style you want to make, the main styles including the backpack diaper bag, over shoulder tote bag and carry-all clutches, messenger diaper bags. Custom baby bags in bulk, BG bag is your best choice.

Custom backpack diaper bags:

Backpack diaper bags can let you have mothers hands free, and carry their baby in the front, distributes the weight they are carrying. With additional padding on the back of the diaper bag and shoulder, add extra comfort. Have to say, these backpack diaper bags are good news for long time backpackers. Buy in bulk from wholesale diaper backpack supplier you can get a good price.

A lot of pockets is the second main feature for backpack diaper bags, babies require a lot of stuff, snack, toys, a bottle of water and milk, wipes, disposable changing pad and so on. A backpack diaper bag with 11-15 pockets can pack them perfectly. Plus, can also custom built-in USB charging port for cellphone, make sure can keep in touch with family. 

custom diaper backpack

A lot of pockets

backpack diaper bag wholesale

Custom built-in USB

diaper bags wholesale

Keep warm for the milk

Easy-grab top handles conveniently to use, in front of big pocket for the bottle with Insulation material, keep warm for the bottle of water. Side pockets with strap, keep safety for the umbrella. Inside pockets keep everything clean and tidy. And stroller straps also can be included in your custom options, make it easy to go hands-free.

Custom backpack diaper bag, durable needed, canvas and PU material are recommended. Numerous colors and designs for custom, backpack diaper bags also suitable for dad.

custom diaper bag backpack

Hidden pocket for mobile

diaper bag bulk

Side pockets for bottles

wholesale diaper bag

Easy to hang

Custom Diaper Bags Backpack

custom diaper bags

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Custom personalized tote diaper bags:

The personalized tote diaper bag is just as functional as fashionable, warmly welcomed by young moms. Even the diaper bag full fill with necessities must choose the stylish tote diaper bag. 

The tote diaper bag is convenient for filling not too many items, just throw it over the shoulder and get out what they want by look down inside while wearing it. Tote diaper bag with a large opening, the best design for the baby diaper bag. Custom baby diaper bags with a stylish good look and fashion can be the best gift in the mother’s wish list.

wholesale diaper bags manufacturers

Tote diaper bag with change pad

wholesale diaper bags for embroidery

Custom diaper bag with long shoulder strap

tote diaper bags

Removable shoulder strap very convenient

custom diaper bags

Inside spacious pocket put different items

diaper bags wholesale

Custom diaper bag can hang on easily

custom tote diaper bags

Reinforced diaper bag handles with X

Custom made diaper bags for girls or boys we all can cover, inside this spacious pocket, can put toys, diapers, clothes, and feeding-bottle. Mothers never worry about there is something that cannot take it up, it’s easy to carry the daily bare necessities. Custom baby bags in the tote style is very convenient and fashion.

If you own a gift store or brand, never hesitate to buy baby diaper bags in bulk. We offer quality diaper bags to help you build your brand, you can custom personalized diaper bags in bulk, wholesale price won’t break your budget but increase your sales. 

Diaper bags custom with your logo can be the moving advertising wherever young mothers take. Diaper bags black color would be a nice choice for daddy. Mixed order accepted for your custom baby bags wholesale.

Custom Tote Diaper Bags

personalized tote diaper bags

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Custom diaper clutch bags and messenger bags

Diaper clutch bag and messenger bag are in a small design, it’s very portable or with a shoulder strap to wear cross-body. Go to the park for a while, the clutch diaper bag is the most suitable one. From the outside even cannot recognize it is a diaper bag, especially for some young mother who loves stylish and fashion bags.

The messenger diaper bag crossbody can set mother’s hand free, and let them enjoy happiness with their baby. Adjustable crossbody strap lets mothers set the most appropriate place, easy to open up, and grab the items whenever they want. These diaper clutch bags also friendly-use to dad.

custom clutch diaper bags

Waterproof and durable material

clutch diaper bag bulk

Large capacity for all items

custom clutch diaper bag

Side pockets for umbrella and napkin

clutch diaper bag

Suitable for your mobile and ipad

Custom Diaper Clutch Bags / Messenger Bags

custom clutch diaper bag wholesale

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Monogrammed make custom diaper bag stand out

If you want to make your custom diaper bags stand out, you can consider adding monograms, When you choose to have your diaper bags monogrammed, you add a special touch that turns a simple bag into a special and branded item.

Monogrammed diaper bags won’t look garish but make it personalized, except for that, you can also custom diaper bags with sayings.

Custom diaper bag with logo for baby bags wholesale

Custom diaper bags with logo is a great selection, you can choose screen printing, digital printing, thermal printing, embroidery, meta tag, etc.

BG bag can custom all kinds of styles diaper bags

  • Custom diaper bags for girls: fresh and bright color, usually choose pink, floral diaper bags, looks very cute.
  • Custom diaper bags for boys: grey or dark color, embroidered with a lion king or union corn on the diaper bags, looks very special.
  • Custom diaper bags for mom and dad: they would like to choose bigger, functional, and cool diaper bags, these bags can full fill with all necessities for the baby as well as themselves. Durable and wear-resisting also take into consideration.
  • We can custom diaper bags with pictures, it’s better by your design file in AI, PDF, CDR format.
format of design

Custom your diaper bags and baby bags in bulk from the professional diaper bag supplier–BG Bag, will make every finished bag perfect. send your request now!

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