Custom Cloth Napkins Wholesale

Custom fabric napkins in bulk no matter for a simple color or custom printed personalized photo napkins, monogrammed cloth napkins, you can custom made all from here. We provide different kinds of durable and aesthetically-pleasing cloth napkins, ideal for dinner, cocktail, restaurant, and wedding.

custom fabric napkins wholesale

Bulk buy fabric napkins, you have choices for material, gauze napkins in bulk, cotton cloth napkins wholesale, 100 linen napkins, and polyester napkins. 65% cotton and 35% polyester combined to make sure the soft and durable.

Buy cloth napkins wholesale, you can custom colors in bulk to meet the theme of your activities. Limitless colors here for your choice.

white cloth napkins wholesale

White fabric napkins bulk

Organic cotton material, water absorption does not shed hair, the neat edge looks nice. A racking pattern is available to improve the level of the white cloth napkins.

red fabric napkins wholesale

Red cloth napkins wholesale

Custom red cloth napkins bulk, you will love our cheap wholesale price no matter for burgundy or blush cloth napkins. Perfect for weddings, events, and holidays.

blue cloth napkins wholesale

Blue cloth napkins bulk

Custom cloth dinner napkins bulk with slate, navy, dusty blue cloth napkins, match the theme of table cloth or sashes, for restaurant, hotels, or home usage.

grey cloth napkins wholesale

Grey fabric napkins bulk

Custom grey cloth napkins wholesale for oversize, double folded, light & dark grey linen napkins, or silver cloth napkins, you can do a one-stop purchase here.

pink fabric napkin bulk

Pink cloth napkins bulk

Custom pink cloth napkins wholesale cannot miss in every wedding, cute and romantic let every guest enjoy and memory the happy time.

black fabric napkins wholesale

Black cloth napkins wholesale

Custom solid black cloth napkins bulk by 100% cotton construction soft and absorbent, ideal for general kitchen cleanup tasks.

striped cloth napkins bulk

Striped cloth napkins wholesale

Buy striped cloth napkins wholesale to add some texture and color to the table, no matter black and white striped, red and white striped or blue and white striped, all can get you covered.

floral cloth napkins wholesale

Floral cloth napkins wholesale

Custom floral cloth napkins bulk, to cheer up your customers when spring and summer coming, perfect for the party or outdoor BBQs, dinner with family.

Why custom fabric napkins wholesale?

  • Fabric napkins are absorbing more liquid than paper, durable and reusable can reduce resources.
  • Custom printed cloth napkins are colorful, make the table attractive and formal.
  • Custom photo cloth napkins with kids-friendly, bring more fun to the dinner.
  • Buy cloth napkins bulk can be used as a placemat and protect clothes from being a spot.
  • To decorate the table especially for weddings, events, restaurants, and hotels.
  • Custom cloth napkins with logo ideal for advertising, no matter only stay on the table or as the giveaways, the repeated display can leave a deep impression.
  • Colorful cloth napkins not only use on the table but also can be gift wrap and DIY material. Plus, decorate for the cocktail or wine bottles to enjoy a good holiday.

What’s kind of fabric napkins do you want to custom made, you can achieve here. Custom printed or embroidered, just send your requests, our expert team will support turn your thoughts into life.

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