Custom Bulk Christmas Stockings Wholesale​

Whenever Christmas coming, the stockings go up on the mantle, hearth, Christmas tree, decorated inside the office, or hang around in the supermarket. Doing the business of custom Christmas stockings wholesale means your store will be booming before the holiday.

Choose us as your Christmas stocking supplier, you have a variety of selections to choose from and buy in bulk at cheap wholesale price. There are top favorite styles for your reference:

Christmas stockings wholesale

Personalized bulk burlap Christmas stockings wholesale

Buy blank burlap Christmas stockings in bulk, which is reusable, terrific suitable for children. Also a nice option for people who like DIY. They can decorate these cute burlap blank Christmas stockings for their family and kids with glittering letters, snowflakes, or custom embroidered stockings with names on them.

Order burlap Christmas blank stockings wholesale from small size to large and extra lager size to meet the different applications.

bulk burlap Christmas stockings wholesale
custom printed burlap Christmas stockings wholesale
burlap Christmas stockings bulk

Personalized velvet Christmas stockings bulk

Red velvet stocking personalized is the traditional Christmas stockings, matching the color of Santa Claus’ cloth. The softest velvet material the most suitable for custom cute personalized stockings for kids.

Custom velvet stockings for baby girls, you can choose mini or small Christmas stockings in bulk. Except for the red color, you have the options for glitter silver and gold. Looks very cute and elegant stockings.

bulk Personalized velvet Christmas stockings bulk
cat christmas stockings wholesale
Personalized velvet Christmas stockings bulk

Custom pet Christmas stockings bulk

Except for the traditional Christmas stockings you can custom trendy personalized Christmas stockings. Custom dog and dog paw Christmas stockings wholesale in different sizes and shapes would be loved by baby boys.

Influenced by the cartoon, mermaid tail Christmas stocking in blue color wholesale can be eye-catching in your store or online shop. Looks more luxurious and elegant, celebrate this holiday never forget to fulfill their dream of the princess.

Plus, personalized cat and unicorn Christmas stockings will win the favor of a pet lover. Bulk buy Christmas stockings with special designs, you can get new customers you never thought. Send your designs or thought, we bring them to life.

mermaid tail Christmas stocking
christmas stockings dog

Custom colors for bulk Christmas stockings

Want to make something special with different colors to meet more clients’ favor, here you can custom made for different colors. 

Simple plain white or black Christmas stockings wholesale are cheap if buy in bulk. Choose the middle grey color is also available. If you are planning to provide for little girls, pink or purple can meet their taste. 

What’s more, rustic personalized Christmas stockings like buffalo plaid is the favor of some customers. No matter custom small size or jumbo stockings, we can guarantee the stunning finished products. 

Modern people can also have their option here, metallic Christmas stockings are shining and glittering, lighten up people’s eyes and add more fun to the holiday. 

buffalo plaid christmas stockings
blue christmas stockings bulk
silver christmas stockings bulk

Custom personalized bulk Christmas stockings and Christmas bags in bulk won’t break the budget, but you play an important role to help your clients decorate their home this year a joyous time. If you have your own designs or just pictures, do not hesitate to contact us. Our team will get back to you the soonest.

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