Custom Canvas Tote Bags In Bulk

Canvas tote bags in every household with millions of uses, an attractive custom canvas tote bag with a logo or customized picture printed can enhance the excellent shopping experience for your customers, and lasting a deep impression for your brand promotion. Custom canvas tote bags in bulk increase your sales.
BG bag is your reliable canvas tote bag manufacturer in China, you can get factory-direct price.

Custom Canvas Tote Bags In Bulk_

Canvas tote bags are reusable, durable, machine-washable, stretches easily, hypoallergenic, and eco-friendly. It’s suitable to full fill with everything that you need. People will wear it at work, go to a party, on the beach or at the side of the swimming pool.

A good designed personalized canvas shopping bag with brand logo and information imprinted can be a moving advertisement when people carrying them around. Now you can custom made canvas tote bags with a variety of crafts and printing, custom high-end canvas tote bags to meet your design. 

Every finished personalized tote shopping bag from BG bag will surprise your customers, and bring much more repeated order, show their loyalty.

Choose the right material for your custom-sized canvas tote bags in bulk

They are available in a variety of weights: light-weight is about 4 oz (110 g) or 5 oz (140 g), medium-weight is about 7 oz (200 g) or 8 oz (230 g), heavy-weight is about 10 oz (280 g) or 12 oz (340 g).

Medium-weight canvas for smaller sized tote bags, make a perfect giveaway promotional canvas tote bag for the conference, event, or tradeshow, it’s a great way to make a memorable impression on attendance. For the cost, a medium-weight canvas would be more economic than a heavy canvas.

If you want to custom excellent quality, large size heavy duty canvas tote bags in bulk, 12oz can be a good choice. More durable, can be used last for years. Custom canvas tote bags bulks for your brand promotion or used in a supermarket is a nice choice.

Canvas tote bags design templates

There are several main styles:

With the bottom panel and side, the panel has a large capacity, you can choose the design which suitable for your usage.


1: Canvas tote bag without bottom and side panel
2.Canvas tote bag with bottom panel no side panel
3.Canvas tote bag with bottom and side panel
4.Canvas tote bag with reinforce handle till to the bottom
5.Canvas tote bag with different color
6.Canvas tote bag with pocket outside

If you are not interested in the above templates, you can also send your canvas tote bag’s mockup.

Custom canvas tote bags wholesale with different straps

What can I use for the tote bag handles? Canvas, Nylon, Leather, Rope.

canvas tote bag with handles

Canvas tote bag with handles

canvas tote bag reinforce handles

Canvas tote bag reinforce handles

canvas tote bag with leather handle strape

Canvas tote bag with leather handles

canvas tote bag with handle and shoulder

Canvas tote bag with handles and shoulder

canvas tote bag with shoulder

Canvas tote bag with shoulder

canvas tote bag with rope strape

Canvas tote bag with rope strape

How do you reinforce tote bag handles?

1, Rectangle with second lines and X
2, Add the length of the handle till the bottom
3, Attach a rope handle to a bag 
4, Leather straps with rivet

How long should the tote bag handle be?

Standard handles (Around 20″-22″ length, 9″-11″ drop): This option is the most common amongst tote bags due to the ease of use. The handles are long enough to be propped over a shoulder and fit snuggly.

Additional craft for the custom canvas tote bags wholesale

Canvas tote bag usually is a large and often unfastened bag with parallel handles that emerge from the sides of its pouch. But some clients want to protect the items inside, would request to make canvas tote bag with zipper bulk, tote bag with magnetic closure, tote bag with button closure, canvas tote bag with snap closure, etc.

Especially for some large and extra tote bag with zipper, suitable for the over-night tote bag. The zipper designed a tote bag to protect the privacy of individuals. Canvas tote shopping bag with magnetic or button closure, more convenient and keep all items in the order.

Additional pocket outside or inside, suitable for putting a cellphone.

craft for tote bag

How to print on canvas tote bags in bulk

Digital Printing: Fresh color, suitable for multi-color with fast speed

Screen Printing: Suitable for simple color or two colors, economic

Thermal Printing: Fresh color and HD, good for gradient color

Embroidery: Never fade off, 3D effect

Custom Tote Bag With Logo

Canvas tote bag Printing opitions

Format of design file: AI, PSD (more than 300 pixel), PDF, CDR, JPEG (more than 2000*3000 pixel)

format of design
canvas tote bag with logo

Custom made washing label for canvas tote bags wholesale

At top of the tote bag
In the middle of the tote bag
On the bottom of the tote bag
Custom made size as your design:

washing label
washing label format

The main color for canvas tote bags

canvas tote bags colors

Applications for canvas tote bag wholesale

Canvas market tote bags in bulk: market tote bags also knows as promotional tote bags. print with your company name or logo, canvas tote bags as a promotional gift for a conference, events, party, trade show, last impression whenever people use the tote bag. Custom wholesale lunch totes are useful and cool.

Canvas reusable grocery bags bulk: large or extra large canvas grocery bags also call canvas shopping tote bags, these bags meet the request to cover all kinds of shopping items. Canvas shopping tote bag with zipper protects all goods inside, large capacity good for all-day shopping. 

Canvas work blank tote bags bulk: not bigger enough just to fill with some documents or tools. Distribute to your employees or clients, these work tote bags can let more people know your company name. 

Canvas beach tote bags bulk: good for full fill with clothing, over-night cosmetics, and washing tools. If you own a beach store, never hesitate to buy canvas beach tote bags in bulk at wholesale price, definitely increase your sales and attract more attention.

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